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Oft werden die Menschen zudem von der Hamas zum Bleiben gezwungen, nachdem sie von der israelischen Armee gewarnt wurden, sich in Sicherheit zu bringen.

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Das sind Tatsachen. Wohl kaum.

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Die Wirklichkeit kennt keine Symmetrie. Die Hamas ist schlimmer als jede Regierung, die Israel jemals hatte. Das sie Demonstrationen abhalten gegen islamistischen Terror?

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Sie sollten endlich eine Heimat finden. Der arabische Raum ist aufgerufen endlich die berechtigte Existenz Israels anzuerkennen.

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Die Welt klammert sich nur hilflos an diese Hoffnung. Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky also particularly emphasizes this aspect. Bistritzky was born in Jerusalem in and studied in New York , Manchester , and Berlin before being ordained as a rabbi.

In he came to Hamburg , the birthplace of his grandfather Loeb who was born in , as a representative of the Jewish organization Chabad-Lubavitch. His grandfather had attended the Jewish school at Grindelhof before he and his family had to leave Germany to flee from National Socialist persecution. For Shlomo Bistritzky , the opening of the new Jewish school , of whose advisory board he is a member, was an event that touched him personally.

In the article published in the congregation newsletter, he points out the special significance the Joseph Carlebach School has for the Jewish community : "With this school we want to contribute to the rebuilding of Jewish life in Hamburg and teach Jewish tradition and atmosphere. The subject of Jewish religion is a central part of the curriculum.

This shows that for Shlomo Bistritzky , the Jewish school was a central element in the establishment and development of the Jewish community in Hamburg , which has about 3, members at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Contrary to the s, when Joseph Carlebach sought to strengthen Jewish identity and secure the continued existence of the congregation, children today are supposed to learn about Jewish rituals and traditions in the first place.

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For Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky , the Joseph Carlebach School therefore provides an opportunity to introduce the children of these migrants to the Jewish faith and to strengthen the congregation in the long term. This position is in line with the goals of the Chabad movement Shlomo Bistritzky belongs to and which is very influential in many Jewish communities in Germany , especially in the area of child rearing. It is an Orthodox movement within Judaism that is active worldwide and dispatches "emissaries" shlichim to communities in order to strengthen or revive Jewish community life there.

Due to its organizational structure and strictly Orthodox orientation as well as its messianic tendencies, Chabad has repeatedly come under criticism especially in Germany.

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In other words, it is not only unlikely that the world will ever become Denmark the Middle East has been in turmoil for the past 4, years and is likely to be so in the next , but the world does not want to live in a society devoid of major ideological choices, cleavages and battles. Now, the exciting times are back again.

It is especially exciting for the young people because the richness of ideological choices they have before them is immense: liberalism, new socialism, nationalism, political Islam, Chinese political capitalism, probably more.

During the Cold War, the offer was reduced to two, rather bland, types. Then in the original Fukuyama moment we had only one brand of rather tasteless cereals on offer. But today, we are thriving with numerous cereals, some with potent taste, others very spicy, some sugary. The choice is great and it is all yours. The stakes, fortunately, are not as great as during the inter-war years in Europe and the world.

We do not all crave to die for an ideology.

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But the intellectual excitement and ferment is back. My students are lucky. It is good to be young in interesting times, despite that much quoted Chinese curse. Since the s, public sector outsourcing has evolved through competitive tendering, partnership working particularly via Public Finance Initiatives , strategic-commissioning and prime-contracting.