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It is a necessary trait of inspiration, but it is not a sufficient trait. Various books claim to be inspired by God e.

12. Reformed Apologetics: God Said It

Simply because a book or writing claims divine inspiration is not positive proof of its inspiration. Any person could stand in front of an audience and claim to be the President of the United States of America. In fact, he could make that claim over 2, times. But his multiple claims to the presidency would fail to prove his case unless he could provide more adequate and sufficient evidence. If the Messiah was not to be trusted merely based upon claims of messiahship, neither should the Bible.

Again, though the claim of inspiration is important and expected if the Bible is the Word of God , mere claims prove nothing. The Bible writers insisted that their writings were not based on imaginary, unverifiable people and events, but instead were grounded on solid, verifiable facts. So what is the proof that the Bible is of supernatural origin?

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Why should an honest truth-seeker come to the conclusion that the Bible is the special revelation from the Creator of the Universe? In short, the main, overarching reason that the Bible is demonstrated to be of divine origin is because the Bible writers were correct in everything they wrote—about the past, the present, and even the future.

Even though we may set high standards for ourselves and learn all that we can, and even though we may put as many safeguards in place as is humanly possible, mistakes will be made; ignorance will be revealed; errors will occur.

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As great of a historian as Herodotus was, he sometimes erred. As brilliant of a man as Aristotle was, he was terribly incorrect at times see Jackson , As accomplished a writer as was the eighth-century B. It simply is humanly impossible to be correct about everything a person says or writes. If an all-knowing, all-powerful God exists and there is ample proof that He does—see Lyons and Butt , , then such a God could produce written revelation for His human creation that was flawless in its original production.

He could guide uneducated men to write about events that occurred hundreds or thousands of years before their time with complete accuracy. He could even guide man to write about future events with perfect accuracy. Amidst the tragedy, a rumor circulated that Nostradamus, a supposed fortuneteller, had predicted the turn of events.

Web sites with information on Nostradamus received thousands, even millions of hits. After all was said and done, the rumored prediction had been fabricated and misunderstood; Nostradamus had not predicted the future. Therefore, if the Bible accurately predicts the future, we can know that it is from God. The fact is, the Bible contains numerous prophecies that ancient history has shown to be perfectly fulfilled in every detail. Consider a few examples. According to history, the Phoenician city of Tyre stood as one of the most ancient and prosperous cities in history.

During a visit to the temple of Heracles in Tyre in the fifth century B. In the early sixth century B. Furthermore, it is evident that the multiple periods of destruction and rebuilding of the city have long since buried the Phoenician city that came under the condemnation of Ezekiel. So accurate were the prophecies made by Ezekiel that skeptics are forced to suggest a later date for his writings.

Imagine taking a trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and visiting the State House where the Constitutional Convention took place in During the tour, your guide points to a document dating back to just this side of the Convention—about the year The piece of parchment tells of a man named George W. But how could someone know that a man named George W. Bush would be born in the United States?

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And how could someone know more than a century before Mr. Bush ever was born that he would be President of the United States? Furthermore, how could someone in know that a man from Texas named George W. Such a prophecy truly would be amazing! Yet, obviously no such prediction was ever made. Amazingly, the Bible makes a comparable prediction, which was fulfilled with complete accuracy. In the eighth century B.

He then prophesied that Babylon would fall to the Medes and Persians Isaiah 13; This prophecy is remarkable, especially since Cyrus was not even born until almost years after Isaiah penned these words. All of this was written almost two centuries before Cyrus conquered Babylon B. Amazingly, secular history verifies that all of these events came true. There really was a man named Cyrus who ruled the Medo-Persian Empire. He did conquer Babylon. And just as Isaiah prophesied, he assisted the Jews in their return to Jerusalem and in the rebuilding of the Temple.

Jeremiah also predicted the destruction of Babylon, the most powerful nation in the world at the time the predictions were made Jeremiah The precision of his predictions was remarkably verified when Cyrus redirected the Euphrates River and entered Babylon through the opening where the river usually entered. The entrance was left unattended because the Babylonians were getting drunk during a festival celebration. Throughout the pages of the Old Testament there are over prophecies about a coming Messiah.

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Each one of these is fulfilled in minute detail in the life of Jesus Christ. In addition, a host of the prophecies concerning Christ were intentionally specific and could not have been arranged by a mere human who was falsely claiming to be the Messiah. For instance, the Old Testament told where the Messiah would be born Micah , a situation that cannot be manipulated by the one being born.

In contrasting the God of Israel with the pagan idols of old, the prophet Isaiah issued a challenge to those who believed in the potency of their pagan deities. According to Isaiah, any deity that could consistently forecast the future would be recognized as a true God, while any unable to tell the future should be relegated to the rubbish pile of false religions. The fall of Tyre and Babylon, the reign of Cyrus, and the coming Messiah are but a few of the more prominent examples.

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When evidence is honestly considered, the truth seeker must admit that the prophecies contained in the Bible show that it was penned by the inspiration of God. While the Bible does not present itself as a scientific or medical textbook, it is only reasonable that if God really did inspire the books of the Bible, they would be completely accurate in every scientific or medical detail found within their pages. Furthermore, all scientific and medical errors that fill the pages of other ancient, non-inspired texts should be entirely absent from the biblical record.

Is the Bible infallible when it speaks about scientific disciplines, or does it contain the errors that one would expect to find in the writings of fallible men in ancient times?

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The Egyptians were renowned in the ancient world for their progress in the field of medicine. Among the ancient documents that detail much of the Egyptian medicinal knowledge that has survived, the Ebers Papyrus discovered in ranks as one of the foremost sources Bryan, , p. It consists of a host of medical remedies purported to heal, enhance, and prevent.

Among the hundreds of prescriptions, we find disgusting treatments that caused much more harm than good. While it must be noted that some of the Egyptian medicine was helpful, the harmful remedies and ingredients cast a sickening shadow of untrustworthiness on the entire Egyptian endeavor as viewed by the modern reader. Admittedly, the Bible is not devoted to long lists of medical prescriptions. The Bible writers did not intend to write a medical textbook. There are, however, especially in the first five books of the Old Testament, numerous rules for sanitation, quarantine, and other medical procedures that were to govern the daily lives of the Israelites.

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Interestingly, the harmful remedies and ingredients prescribed by other ancient civilizations are missing entirely from the pages of the Bible. In , an obstetrician named Ignaz Semmelweis was the director of a hospital ward in Vienna, Austria. Autopsies revealed pus under their skin, in their chest cavities, in their eye sockets, etc.

Semmelweis was distraught over the mortality rate in his ward, and other hospital wards like it all over Europe.

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Nuland noted that Australia, the Americas, Britain, Ireland, and practically every other nation that had established a hospital suffered a similar mortality rate pp. Yet if she chose to use the most advanced medical knowledge and facilities of the day, her chance of dying skyrocketed immensely! Semmelweis had tried everything to curb the carnage.

He turned all the women on their sides in hopes that the death rate would drop, but with no results. He thought maybe the bell that the priest rang in the wee hours of the morning scared the women.