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Aunts teach their nieces. And grandmothers share their crochet tricks and tips with the entire family. The art of crocheting or making fabric from yarn has been around for centuries. It has a significant history in the United States and abroad. Some research suggests that it developed from Chinese needlework, which was practiced in Turkey, India, Persia and North Africa, and then spread to Europe where the French modified the practice. Some historians believe that crochet has been known as far back as the s, where Italian nuns worked on church fabrics.

During the potato famine from to people crocheted by the candlelight. They crafted delicate collars and cuffs which became quite trendy amongst the social elite in Europe.

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Their work was sold abroad and it helped keep many families fed. The workers created crochet cooperatives. I got the Reader's Digest book Complete Guide to Needlework, which has more enlightening instructions with photos , and that helped a lot.

Many of these projects might need stiffening or starching as well, but I haven't done any of those. Still, I love it being on my Kindle, where I can read my book while crocheting, but if I forget the proper stitch for the next row I can just navigate to the exact page, refresh my memory, and then back to my book! See All Buying Options. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

The book has beautiful and different patterns. I have only made one, the Alpine Toque. The photo of the hat was so beautiful, but while the instructions for the main body of the hat were fairly simple, the directions for the more unfamiliar parts were very vague.

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I had to "wing it" and finish it the best way I could. Even the woman on the helpline at Lion Brand didn't understand them. Add to cart. In Stock. Great book that my 56 year old mom uses for her hobbies. Glad she enjoys it. Great price and great book. Quite informative and great illustrations.

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Plan to buy more crochet books for my mom on Amazon. Only 8 left in stock more on the way.

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This is another lovely book of old fashioned thread crochet projects for the home. I purchased it at the same time as "Floral Crochet" My only handicap working from this book is the fact I learned to crochet some 30 years ago using the British Terminology of crocheting.

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Other than that, it has a large selection and variety of projects to choose from - place settings for dining, bedspread, arm-chair covers, doilies etc. I have not worked any of the projects from this particular book but I love to look at it. I recommend this anyone who loves thread crochet. Download Tourism Economics and Policy. Download The moral philosophy of Aristotle: consisting of a translation of the Nichomachean ethics, and of the paraphrase attributed to Andronicus of Rhodes, with an introductory analysis of each book;.

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