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Please note that although the final product will be manufactured to be as close to the anime version of the costume as possible, there may be small disparities between the two.

Loki's Wrath

The final product you receive will match the real world product photo that you see on the product page. We thank you in advance for your understanding. One Piece Nami Cosplay Costume. Disney Hercules Megara Cosplay Costume. Hot Sales List.

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Loki - The Backstabbing Bastard (S6, All Modes, Patch 6.6 "Neo Olympia")

Cosplay Boots Cosplay Shoes. Share it with your friends! Get A Copy. Paperback , pages.

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  4. More Details Chronos Series 2. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Loki's Wrath , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Katy marked it as to-read Dec 26, Some cosplayers even choose to cosplay an original character of their own design or a fusion of different genres e.

    Manufacturers produce and sell packaged outfits for use in cosplay, with varying levels of quality. These costumes are often sold online, but also can be purchased from dealers at conventions.

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    Japanese manufacturers of cosplay costumes reported a profit of 35 billion yen in Other cosplayers, who prefer to create their own costumes, still provide a market for individual elements, and various raw materials, such as unstyled wigs, hair dye, cloth and sewing notions, liquid latex, body paint, costume jewelry, and prop weapons. Cosplay represents an act of embodiment. Cosplay has been closely linked to the presentation of self,[43] yet cosplayers' ability to perform is limited by their physical features. The accuracy of a cosplay is judged based on the ability to accurately represent a character through the body, and individual cosplayers frequently are faced by their own 'bodily limits'[44] such as level of attractiveness, body size, and disability[45] that often restrict and confine how accurate the cosplay is perceived to be.

    Authenticity is measured by a cosplayer's individual ability to translate on-screen manifestation to the cosplay itself. Some have argued that cosplay can never be a true representation of the character; instead, it can only be read through the body, and that true embodiment of a character is judged based on nearness to the original character form. In the creation of the outfits, much time is given to detail and qualities, thus the skill of a cosplayer may be measured by how difficult the details of the outfit are and how well they have been replicated.

    Because of the difficulty of replicating some details and materials, cosplayers often educate themselves in crafting specialties such as textiles, sculpture, face paint, fiberglass, fashion design, woodworking, and other uses of materials in the effort to render the look and texture of a costume accurately.

    This is especially necessary for anime and manga or video-game characters who often have unnaturally coloured and uniquely styled hair.

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    8. Simpler outfits may be compensated for their lack of complexity by paying attention to material choice and overall high quality. To look more like the characters they are portraying, cosplayers might also engage in various forms of body modification. Cosplayers may opt to change their skin color utilizing bleach or make-up to more simulate the race of the character they are adopting.

      Contact lenses that make the pupil look enlarged to visually echo the large eyes of anime and manga characters are also used.

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      Temporary tattoos, permanent marker, body paint, and in rare cases, permanent tattoos, are all methods used by cosplayers to achieve the desired look. Permanent and temporary hair dye, spray-in hair coloring, and specialized extreme styling products are all used by some cosplayers whose natural hair can achieve the desired hairstyle. It is also commonplace for them to shave off their eyebrows to gain a more accurate look. Ginny Weasley cosplay from the Harry Potter franchiseSome anime and video game characters have weapons or other accessories that are hard to replicate, and conventions have strict rules regarding those weapons, but most cosplayers engage in some combination of methods to obtain all the items necessary for their costumes; for example, they may commission a prop weapon, sew their own clothing, buy character jewelry from a cosplay accessory manufacturer, or buy a pair of off-the-rack shoes, and modify them to match the desired look.

      Presentation[edit]Cosplay may be presented in a number of ways and places.

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      A subset of cosplay culture is centered on sex appeal, with cosplayers specifically choosing characters known for their attractiveness or revealing costumes. However, wearing a revealing costume can be a sensitive issue while appearing in public. Conventions[edit] A crowd including many cosplayers at Comiket 84 in The most popular form of presenting a cosplay publicly is by wearing it to a fan convention.

      Multiple conventions dedicated to anime and manga, comics, TV shows, video games, science fiction, and fantasy may be found all around the world. The single largest event featuring cosplay is the semiannual doujinshi market, Comic Market Comiket , held in Japan during summer and winter.

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      Comiket attracts hundreds of thousands of manga and anime fans, where thousands of cosplayers congregate on the roof of the exhibition center. Supanova Pop Culture Expo is Australia's biggest event. Photography[edit] Professional photographers working with Mileena cosplayer for a chroma key studio photoshoot at Space City Con in the United StatesThe appearance of cosplayers at public events makes them a popular draw for photographers.

      Rules of etiquette were developed to minimize awkward situations involving boundaries. Cosplayers pose for photographers and photographers do not press them for personal contact information or private sessions, follow them out of the area, or take photos without permission. The rules allow the collaborative relationship between photographers and cosplayers to continue with the least inconvenience to each other. Cosplayers and photographers frequently exhibit their work online and sometimes sell their images.

      Contestants present their cosplay, and often to be judged for an award, the cosplay must be self-made. The contestants may choose to perform a skit, which may consist of a short performed script or dance with optional accompanying audio, video, or images shown on a screen overhead. Other contestants may simply choose to pose as their characters. Often, contestants are briefly interviewed on stage by a master of ceremonies. The audience is given a chance to take photos of the cosplayers. Cosplayers may compete solo or in a group.

      Awards are presented, and these awards may vary greatly. Generally, a best cosplayer award, a best group award, and runner-up prizes are given.

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      Awards may also go to the best skit and a number of cosplay skill subcategories, such as master tailor, master weapon-maker, master armourer, and so forth. The most well-known cosplay contest event is the World Cosplay Summit, selecting cosplayers from 20 countries to compete in the final round in Nagoya, Japan. ActingPostureMovementTalking with iconic phrases and tones of the characterFacial expressionsInteraction with other charactersFaithfulness to the storyAudience ImpactStage presence and connection with the audience.

      Eye contactMaking full usage of the stage spaceEngaging with the audienceGender issues[edit] A female group crossplaying as Loki at Dragon Con Portraying a character of the opposite sex is called crossplay. The practicality of crossplay and cross-dress stems in part from the abundance in manga of male characters with delicate and somewhat androgynous features.

      Male cosplayers may also be subjected to discrimination,[68] including homophobic comments and being touched without permission. This impacts men possibly even more often than it impacts women, despite inappropriate contact already being a problem for women who cosplay,[69] as is 'slut-shaming'. These cosplayers completely hide their real features so the original appearance of their characters may be reproduced as literally as possible, and to display all the abstractions and stylizations such as oversized eyes and tiny mouths often seen in Japanese cartoon art.

      Harassment isn't limited to women in provocative outfits as male cosplayers talked about being bullied for not fitting certain costume and characters. Attendees were reminded to ask permission for photos and respect the person's right to say no. Traditional mainstream news media like Mercury News, and Los Angeles Times have reported on the topic, bringing awareness of sexual harassment to those outside of the cosplay community.

      Professional cosplayers who profit from their art may experience problems related to copyright infringement. Good cosplayers are viewed as fictional characters in the flesh, in much the same way that film actors come to be identified in the public mind with specific roles. Cosplayers have modeled for print magazines like Cosmode and a successful cosplay model can become the brand ambassador for companies like Cospa.

      Some cosplay models can achieve significant recognition.